Is work from home the future of work?

Going to an office to get your work done is such a bad idea! You spend between 30 – 60 hours a month commuting and thousands of pounds on transportation & business attrire. Let’s face is not getting any better with the prices of gas going up and the cities getting more crowded. Not to mention the stress of having to dress-up formally every day and face the traffic.

Studies have shown that working remotely means a higher quality of life and better work-life balance. It is ideal for single parents and caregivers for a sick relative or an elderly. You can get more done in less time since you don't have to beat the office small talk (or gossip) or the random requests of your boss.

Even for employers, that means they can save money spent on office space and having to bear the expenses of relocating unique talents. It also means that it is easier to acquire skilled employees and keep them! Also, remote workers take less sick leaves than in-office workers. Not to mention, the process of hiring a freelancer to get a job done is much simpler than advertising, screening and interviewing talents to add them on the company's payroll. 

Re-think work and look for remote work or start your freelancing career! Check this website for more info:

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