The Realist | Bath Towel

The Realist | Bath Towel

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Face/ Fingertip Towel: 30 x 30 cm It is soft and gentle to dry your face. Can be used to remove makeup, act as a hot towel to open your pores or a cold one to close them. This size can be used as fingertip towels for guests by placing a set of 3 or 6 into a small basket. 

Hand Towel: 100 x 50 cm Usually placing in a ring or a bar or on a hook on the wall. It is for multiple uses. 

Bath towel: 140 x 70 cm Used for drying yourself after a bath but are not big enough for an adult to get wrapped in. They are ideal for small bathrooms and children's bathrooms.


The Realist Set Design Inspiration
Nour ElNemr is a designer who works with children at 57357 by conducting art workshops to inspire them by famous painters. 

In an art workshop on Picasso's self portraits, Mohamed, 6, was inspired and drew an image of himself and these beautiful unique squares. Mohamed believed that strengths exists within.

Nour ElNemr adapted Mohamed's design for Fabrea's bedding and bath linens. For every purchase of the Dreamer & the Realist, Fabrea will give away bedding items to 57357 cancer hospital.