Every Towel Size is a Different Story

Each towel size has a different use case. The largest (2m x 1m) is used for both the hottest & coldest days of the year. In summer, it is a beach or pool towel to rest, sunbathe and cover-up, while in winter, it is the hug that keeps you warm after a hot shower. Get this towel for its multipurpose qualities.

The standard bath towel (140 x 70cm) is the size you will most
likely find in most #hotels. While the hand towel hangs gracefully on the ring or
hanger. Use this options in bathrooms where everyone lives together, but during covid times, it is best to use 6-8 fingertips towels in the guest bathroom to avoid using the same towel after each other. 

The smallest towel is also used for maximum personal hygiene for your face. Your body bacteria, dead skin, oils, and body products should not meet your face. It will if it keeps collecting on your bath towel and you use it to dry your face too! It could cause irritation, redness or pimples, especially if your face is sensitive or prone to acne.

Every part of your body should be treated in a unique way that suits it.

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