How to Add Fabrea's Mattress Topper & Fitted Sheet to Your Bed

The mattress topper allows you to sink into your bed! (BEST SELLER) Watch a step by step guide to place on to your bed and secure it with a fitted sheet. OR scroll down if you prefer to read than watch. 


Dreaming of having a comfortable sleeping experience just like that one you love when you stay for a couple of days in a hotel ?!  

1. Mattress Topper is your First step

In order to have the feeling of that moment when you feel like sinking in bed, Mattress Topper is your go to.

This is a softening mattress, an extra layer that you put above your original mattress. It has stretchable bandages so that you can clip it to the original mattress and ensure it does not move.

Our Mattress Topper is made of a filling that is better than the goose feather.

Goose feather is not recommended as is it way more expensive and more importantly it changes its color by time that you will need to treat it to be hygienic!!

Our filling Polly Down is a very fine fiber that has a down proof feature that prevents the fiber from making you hot. In addition to that, it is coated with a 100% cotton layer (300TC).


2. Fitted Sheet is your Second Step

Make sure you align the width and length of the Fitted Sheet right with the bed and that you tuck it in very well at each end corner.


3. Mattress Protector is your Step Three (Optional)

Our Mattress Protector is 100% waterproof. You will definitely need this if you have kids and want to save your mattress. Our Mattress Topper can also protect your original mattress but it is not waterproof!