Post Workout Hygiene Tips

Working out is all about being healthy and fit. Needless to say, SWEATING out is a natural outcome of a good workout.
It is a sign of accomplishment and gives a sense of satisfaction.
But we all know that a gym is full of sweaty bodies and sweaty clothes, which is an ideal environment for breeding of germs and bacteria. And if you aren't careful about your hygiene before and after a workout you might just get stuck with a bad cold and probably need a new strong skin care routine! AND we all know that nothing is more annoying than getting into our regular workout routine and having to stop for few weeks.

Taking care of your body should be a major part of your workout routine that's why we're here to help you with a few tips and habits to follow a good workout hygiene!

Tip #1
Cleanse Before Workout
We all know that it is important to wash our face after the workout. But here is the THING, it is just as important to wash your face before the workout. your skin breaks out when dirt and toxins sit on your face for longer than they should.
If you get rid of most of the toxins before your workout then your sweat mainly consists of water, sodium, potassium, and ton of smaller compound which will not harm or irritate your skin.

Tip #2
Don't Touch Your Face
Your hands can get in contact with a lot of things during your workout, like; the floor, the towel, yoga mat, and the list is pretty endless....
Now imagine all these germs and bacteria from all these things getting on to your hands so it's best to avoid touching your face.
Make sure you bring a towel with which you can wipe off your sweat and to keep that sweat towel clean too ;)
Remember!! we spend months following a good skin care routine and fix the acne and breakouts we get... Don't throw that effort away in a minute hahah

Tip #3
Wearing Your Gym Clothes ALL Day
No matter how comfy are those sports leggings, you will regret wearing damp clothing for an extended period of time.
The sweaty gym clothes can cause acne and yeast infection and believe us nothing is worth is discomfort.
Slip into something more comfortable post workout. Change your clothes and even undergarments after gymming.

Tip #4
Take A Shower
Take a bath after your workout to all the germs and bacteria you have attracted. Do that and do it ASPA
We all know that bacteria love to fester on moist skin and the longer you stay off bathing after a workout the longer the germs and bacteria linger on your skin and this could lead to body odor or in a worst-case scenario could lead to illness.
Not to mention that Sweat can mean greasy hair, and greasy hair may cause acne. If your hair is oily and unwashed, you may want to keep it back and away from your face, particularly when you sleep. Oil builds up on unwashed hair and it can come into contact with parts of your face and clog pores and cause acne!

We're sure you neither want to smell bad or again have breakouts and acne.
Clean your hair and other parts , get refreshed and feel proud of that killer workout you just did and those calories you just burnt.


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