How to Insert the Duvet into the Duvet Cover


In this video we will be talking about our Duvet.
We have got you covered with our Summer Duvet and Winter Duvet. The main difference between both is its weight and how much it is stuffed.
- The Summer Duvet is 200 GSM (grams per Square meter)
- The Winter Duvet is 350 GSM
Our Duvet is covered with a 100% cotton layer that prevents you from getting hot. In addition to that, you can cover it with our Cotton Duvet Cover. That way, you will be protected from the fine fiber stuffed in it called Polly down.
Because we know it is always a hassle to wash and dry the Duvet. We got you our Duvet Cover that is easily washable, does not required a lot of space.
How to insert you Duvet in a Duvet cover?
We have designed it with an opening that indicates the lower part of the cover. This opening space should always be placed at the end where your legs lay.
1. Make sure you align this opening at the end of your bed/ duvet! 
2. Measure the length with the duvet and bed length to avoid getting confused which is the length and which is the width.
3. The squared patterns on the our Duvet makes it easy for you in case your bed is a Twin, Queen, King, or Super King, you will always find that the width is much taller than the length.
4.Hold the top corners of the Duvet and insert it through the space we have talked about and start pulling from both sides. Just like inserting a pillow inside its pillowcase!
5. Make sure the each corner of the Duvet has met and is aligned right with the matching corner of the Duvet Cover.
What if you don't know the right size of the Duvet Cover for your Duvet?
- Easy just add 60cm to the size of your bed! For example if your bed is 200*200, it is recommended to take 260cm.
In order to get the luxurious hotel look, you can fold the top of the Duvet  and add a Flat Sheet under the Duvet.