Luxury Hotel Duvet | BEST SELLER
Luxury Hotel Duvet | BEST SELLER

Luxury Hotel Duvet | BEST SELLER

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Our best seller hotel duvet, functions like a quilt/blanket but requires to be inserted inside a cotton duvet cover for the ultimate performance of keeping you warm without making you sweat.

Product Description:

  • White cotton shell from pure Egyptian cotton, percale with a high thread count (300TC).

  • New Hi-Tech poly down fiber 0.9D x 32 mm; which is the perfect alternative to the natural feather-filled duvet

  • Insulation capacity

  • Light Weight

  • Comes in a reusable strong PVC case with a zipper and handle to store and transport easily

  • Anti-bacterial, anti dust-mites and does not cause allergies

Fluffy vs. Compacted:

While both will have the same warmth level, they have a different look, feel and care instructions. The fluffy duvet will give you a puffed look while the compacted duvet will have a neat and always evenly-distributed fiber but is more flat looking. Please read the care instructions carefully before making a choice. 

    Bed Size Duvet Size Weight
    Single 100x200cm 160x220cm 1.6 kg
    Twin 120x200cm 180x220cm 1.8 kg
    Double 140x200cm 200x220cm 2 kg
    Queen 160x200cm 240x220cm 2.4 kg
    King 180x200cm 260x220cm 2.6 kg
    Super King 200x200cm 260x240cm 2.8 kg



    • Fluffy Duvet: Your duvet filling is made up of extremely fine fiber, when it is machine washed it will clump together unless you wash it on a cool setting at  30°C or less and tumble dry till the air expands the fiber evenly back in the squared pockets. To avoid the risk of clumping fiber, send it to be dry cleaned by professionals.
    • Compacted Duvet: Machine wash on a  cool setting at  30°C or less and hang to dry. 

    Best bought with a duvet cover to protect the duvet and to keep it clean for long periods of time requiring fewer washes. The duvet cover also adds another breathable cotton layer to avoid overheating.