Our Brand's Story

Fabrea is not just a textile brand, it's a reflection of its own name, drawn from the words fabric and brea, meaning strong. The production of strong, durable fabrics was the main inspiration behind starting this family business in 1984 by the owners, who were born and raised in Giza, Egypt, surrounded by the finest, strongest cotton on earth.

The ambitious father decided to use his experience as a young physician to show the world what Egyptians can do with their own natural resources. He started spreading the idea among his family members, who then found their way to add to and build on what he had started. 

The company went on to become one of the leaders in the manufacturing of hospitality linen in the Middle East. With the expansion of the factory in Giza to 12,000 m2, with 400 workers and more than 300 machines, Fabrea aims to become one of the best global brands in the hospitality and home linen market, known for its luxurious designs and excellent customer service.