Snuggle Up in Bliss: 5 Essential Bedding Tips for Newlyweds

In this blog post, Fabrea Home shares 5 essential tips to help newlyweds choose the perfect bedding for your love nest, ensuring every night's sleep feels as luxurious as your honeymoon experience. 

1. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary that reflects both of you!

 Your first tip is to personalize your bedding choices to your lifestyle as a newlywed couple. By the end of your honeymoon, you'll have a good understanding of each other's sleep preferences. Do you tend to be hot or cold sleepers? Do you fight over the covers? Considering these details will ensure a comfortable sleep environment for both of you

Turn what you know about each other's sleeping patterns to bedding decisions:
  1. The power of pillows | Choose different sizes and firmness levels to fit individual preferences. For example, one softer pillow and one with more support will offer options for a truly restful night's sleep.
  2. Two duvets can save your marriage | That is because men tend to have higher body temperatures than women; the husband may opt for a lighter duvet than his wife to avoid soaking in his sweat while sleeping. The other reason is to avoid the other partner waking up with every turn that may pull the duvet slightly 

Bed styling should be uni-sex & matches your bedroom decor: 

The largest surface of your bedroom is probably your bed, therefore having the biggest impact on your room's look & feel. If you pick a style that is too feminine or too masculine, it will feel like the room belongs to either of you rather than being a shared space. 

  1. Choose plain sheet sets & style with pillows: not only do patterned sheet sets make the room feel cluttered, they designs can lean towards being too feminine or too masculine. 
  2. White & pastel sheet sets are safe uni-sex colors as well as soothing to the eye. 
  3. Add a touch of color to white sheet sets with an embroidered marine line to frame it or a colored bordered that matches the colors in your room. 

2. Your bedding is a long-term investment & quality sheets can out-live your fridge! 

Think of your bedding as an investment in your happiness and well-being. Just like your love story as a newlywed couple, Fabrea Home's premium quality bedding is designed for longevity. Made from luxurious Egyptian cotton, it's crafted to last even longer than your refrigerator! 

Egyptian cotton is an excellent choice for its:

  1. Softness and Strength
  2. Extra-long fibers create an incredibly soft and smooth feel.
  3. Breathability
  4. Egyptian cotton allows for good airflow, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.
  5. Its luxurious appearance
  6. The long fibers contribute to a beautiful drape and a natural sheen, adding elegance to your space

 3.The Perfect Thread Count

You might have come across the term "thread count" while browsing bedding options. Thread count refers to the number of threads woven into a square inch of fabric. Generally, a higher thread count indicates a denser weave, which can feel softer and more luxurious. However, Fabrea Home's golden range recommendations lie between 400 and 800 thread counts. Here's why:

Imagine a piece of medical gauze – the loose weave allows you to see through it. In contrast, a high-quality Egyptian cotton fabric, like the kind used in Fabrea Home's pillowcases and sheets, has a much denser weave. This creates a smooth, opaque feel that contributes to a luxurious sleeping experience.

4. Create a Hotel at home

Ever wonder why hotels always feel so incredibly comfortable? Here's their secret: layering! Hotels typically use mattress toppers, Egyptian cotton mattresses, and multiple layers of bedding like fitted and flat sheets, different types of pillows to create a cloud-like sleep experience

Now you can create a hotel at home by layering your bed with a mattress protector, a premium Egyptian cotton mattress pad, a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, a light blanket, a duvet with a duvet cover and plenty of pillows (including sleeping pillows, pillowcases, and decorative throws). 

And don't forget to choose a firm pillow that offers proper neck support. By incorporating these elements, you can transform your newlywed bedroom into a luxurious haven just like hotels.


5. Style with honeymoon souvenirs

Your signature bed styling can be a throw & decorative pillowcases from your honeymoon trip. Remember, it is easy to buy a unique piece of cloth from a foreign market & custom make it when you get home. 

By following these simple tips, you can ensure your newlywed bedding provides lasting comfort and luxury, making your love nest even dreamier


If you're a newlywed couple feeling overwhelmed by bedding choices, don't fret! Fabrea Home's friendly 24/7 customer support team is here to help.

Our sleep specialists can answer all your questions and guide you towards the perfect bedding solution for your love story. Contact us today and let us help you create a blissful sleep haven!


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